Monday, August 4, 2008

Faces of Temping: PART TWO

On October 4th, 2006, I posted what would become one of my most popular blog entries (back when my blog was just on Myspace, which is to say, back in the days when people used Myspace): Faces of Temping. The capsule summary is that when you temp within the gigantic Metlife Building, here in New York City, every day you have to go to the security desk and get your photo taken for your badge that day. They look like this:

Classy, right? Well most of the prose and poetry I have on the subject was written in the last entry, so I won't repeat myself (it's at , if you're interested). I will, however, ad these quick thoughts. 1.) It's amazing how much harder it is to go back to something like temping after you had a period of time when you weren't being forced to do it, and just maaaaybe you'd allowed yourself to dream that you'd never have to do it again, and 2.) After getting away with everything you tried the last time you undertook this project, you will probably be even more brash and brazen this time, and will push things further, just to see what you can get away with.

So, without any further ado, I present to you Faces of Temping I and II (back to back, for your convenience):

Part I (click image for higher res):

And, brand new, Part II (click image for higher res):

I think the depression, rage, and insanity all show through just a little stronger, no? But hey, coping mechanisms are coping mechanisms, and it still makes the security guards smile.


Brent 8.5.08 2.01am

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Rachel said...

Found this quote in my copy of the Sun last month (my favorite magazine ever):

I signed up with a temp agency, and much to my dismay they actually found me a job. It had been a couple of years since I’d worked in an office, so I thought I should prepare for it. I went to the ymca with a friend and had him tie me up in a burlap sack and sink me to the bottom of the pool. Just as I was about to suffocate, he yanked me up and gave me a lunch break.

Martha Kelly