Monday, September 10, 2007


A friend of mine said today that she felt like she was at a crossroads. I thought, “I feel like I live at a crossroads,” but then I realized that that wasn’t quite right, because that implies staying in one place. I started thinking about it, though.

I used to think of myself as going down a path and every now and then I would come to a crossroads and I would make a decision. Then, as I worked to improve my vision of life (for want of a better phrase), I realized that the crossroads were much more frequent than I’d thought. As it got even better, there were crossroads all around me, all the time, going off in all directions. I finally arrived like this: when my vision is at its best, I don’t see any crossroads at all, but rather a plane, and I am free to go in whatever direction I choose at any time. There is no path ahead of me at all; the only path that exists is that which was made my footprints behind me.

I am striving to see things that way more often.

-BR 4.11.2005

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