Monday, October 1, 2007

It's True Because It's Funny

First of all, let's take a look at the phrase, "It's funny because it's true." Oh, really?

The AIDS epidemic is the number one humanitarian crisis of our era.

I don't here anyone laughing.

So, let's flip it. Imagine if the phrase "It's true because it's funny," actually held up.

Contemporary religion as we know it would fall apart because Priests and Rabbis would constantly be going into bars together. Blondes would be perpetually pregnant from all their sluttery, and Poland would be a very dark place, indeed, with all their light bulb problems.

Some things are true. Some things are funny. Some are both. Some are neither. Let's leave it at that.

Moving on...

I bet bondage with Abraham Lincoln was no fun at all. He'd get you all tied up in shackles, then he'd just emancipate you.

What else?

The show is coming along. I'm sore and exhausted pretty much all the time. Also, I've noticed this: my shirts are getting tighter and my pants are getting looser. I'd like to chalk this up to the trapeze work I do in the show, but it could just be a dryer anomaly. There's just one week left, so I guess I'll find out soon.

Oh, and I turned twenty-eight, which means I can no longer say, "mid-twenties". That doesn't really matter, though, because people generally seem to think I'm in my early-thirties. As my dear friend Karl says, "It's not the years, it's the mileage."

I haven't been writing much. Not so happy about that. I've been putting so much energy into this play that I haven't had much left for writing. No good. There are things that need to be written, and I've gotta get to that.

Anyway, I do have some big news...

I'm in love.

It's still really new, and it's a little bit scary, because it's been a very long time for me, but I think I've been ready for quite some time, and was, essentially, just waiting for "the one". And then, one day, there she was. I knew within the first minute.

The first glimpse of her I caught, her curves threw me for a loop. I didn't know if I'd ever held a body like that, and, frankly, I hesitated. But when I heard her voice... I knew. My eyes lit up, and I just knew. Every fiber of my being said "Yes!"

So, everybody, meet my girl...

I think her name's Rebecca... or maybe Lola. She's made of cedar.

And, yes, we're very happy together.

More soon...

-BR 10.1.07 1.38am


arweena said...

she really is lovely brentster. i'm very happy for you both. i want to make a ridiculously stupid joke about you 'making music together', but i will restrain. ;)

just make sure to keep checking her fragrant hole. I promise you that she will like it. I was just sniffing Martine (that would be what I named mine...) yesterday morning.

we never did end up having time at the theatre for a guitar jam. tis the way it is i guess... and here we are going into our last *sniff* week. my neck and shoulders are freaking ecstatic that the end is in sight, but 'twill be sad as well.... with you boys all abandoning us... :( and going back to the most perfect time of year on the east coast. oh how I miss the fall...

try to remember to eat these next two days...I know that new love can make one giddy and wifty.

Tei said...

Darlingest -

What's this? All this broohahah about the new blog and then it's weeks, weeks and weeks, with no new posts, and it's so sad to be a fan of this blog, it really is, because of the neglect.

Your fans need love, darling, love. That sweet gooey stuff you keep in a jar on the high shelf that you think no one knows about. You leave it up there too long and the ants get to it, that's all I'm saying.

When are you back in NYC?