Thursday, February 14, 2008

(Chinese) New Year's Resolutions

Change is difficult. Difficult in nearly every aspect.

You can't change directions (or speed) without running into Newton's laws, you can't get change at a store without buying a pack of gum, and you can't change your life without butting up against all your old habits.

But you try.

And not in "the ol' college try" sense, either. I tried college, then dropped out after six weeks. (one of the best decisions I ever made, actually)

You try, and you fall, then you get up and push forward until you fall again. Repeat.

Sometimes we make the right changes for the wrong reasons. Or perhaps they're merely inspired by the wrong reasons.

If the changes are right, though, you work, and you make the reasons your own. Pick the right ones, this time.

Not everything has to be done in order.

Once you've set the right goals, and you've found the right reasons, stick to your guns.

Persevere, and peace will follow you.


I'm glad I stayed in tonight.

-BR 2.14.08

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