Sunday, January 6, 2008

Debates en Mass, or: Massdebating #1

ABC's tagline for the big New Hampshire debates last week was, "Two Parties, One Night". Is this name not starkly reminiscent of "Two Girls, One Cup"? And which, I ask you, was more civilized? Well, 2Parties1Night involved copious amounts of throwing feces and the eating of it; in contrast, 2Girls1Cup does not feature throwing.

I forced myself to watch the whole thing, and ultimately, I'm glad I did. I wretched a couple of times, but it got a little better when the Democrats came on (...did you think I was still talking about 2Girls1Cup? How do you know I'm not?). I felt like I got a better feel for all of the players involved, and I'm interested in seeing how this will progress.

My snap observations:

-McCain seems like the least objectionable of the Republican candidates, but when you look at what you're comparing him to, that doesn't say much.

-You want to talk about the "unlikable" factor? Let's talk about the two ABC moderators. What a pair of assholes. Between Scott Spradling just being a plain old dick and trying to insight bickering (like the Repubs did without help), and Charlie Gibson showing off his gleaming ignorance about the world we live in (suggesting that a family of two professors at a small college in NH would rake in more than $200,000 a year, which got a HUGE laugh from the audience and was my favorite moment of the night), I just wanted to crawl through my TV and slap the shit out of them.

-Rudy is an idiot.

-Romney is a liar.

-Huckabee is a scary liar.

-Ron Paul will say something you really agree with, but then under his breath he'll mention the abolition of the income tax and along with it the public education system, and most of the other things we hold dear, here.

-Edwards has gone way up in my estimation. I like the idealism.

-Obama went up some, too, though not as much as Edwards. To be fair, though, I held Obama in higher esteem before this debate than I did Edwards, so Edwards had further to go.

-Hilary went down, some. It's not that I don't think she "has what it takes to be President", because as we have learned for the last either years, it sure doesn't take much. Rather, I think she "plays politician" too much. We'll see, though.

-I wish Kucinich was still in it. Not because I think he'd have a chance of winning, but because I think he would bring a lot of interesting points to the debates.

-Bottom Line: The ticket I'm hoping for is Obama/Edwards. I actually think that those two could get this country heading back in the right direction. We'll see how things shape up from here on out.

Speaking of abominations, there are dudes out there with fourteen inch cocks. There are a plethora of reason to find this upsetting, but I'd like to focus on one: What is the evolutionary purpose of a 14" dick? Are there really women out there whose cervix is fourteen inches deep?? The Theory of Evolution says that it must be so, but I've never met any. To be fair, though, fourteen-inch-deep-cervixed-women don't have a whole lot of reason to come breaking down my door. Sigh...

Penultimately, I want to take a survey here. Here is the query:

Do people who have too much crap on their "desktops"...

... have too much crap on their desktops?

Or is it just me?

And, lastly, I would like to share with you my (and Bay's) reaction to 2Girls1Finger... yes, the sequel to 2Girl1Cup exists, and it may well be worse. My favorite thing about it is how bay allllmost keeps it together right until the end there, when his mind breaks.


-BR 1.9.08 3.23pm

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