Monday, September 10, 2007

My First Sonnet, proper

And when my jades do turn themselves toward you,
I do and do not wish to reign them back;
For if I let their charges follow through,
I doubt that we shall 'scape some bloody wrack.
For though your body's like a Summer's spring,
And on your lips my team might quench their thirst,
Yet vipers hide where we would sleep and sing,
And make oasis dark and cold and curst.
But even with these dangers all about,
I cannot turn my foolish head away,
Nor with my cautious mind give room to doubt,
For one more glimpse of you is worth this fray.
Though love and toil mine eyes and jades do see,
They'd prove me false if I did turn from thee.

-BR 2.6.05

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