Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Say Goodnight, Hollywood

When you open your eyes you'll realize you haven't brushed your teeth in 48 hours, and you'll be wearing the same clothes all day tomorrow. Somebody you love can't stand to look at you right now, and that's eating up your insides. The right side of your jaw is swollen almost shut, and you worry that the muscles in your right shoulder have come unraveled. Every time you run your hands through your hair you wind up with more stuck to your palms than yesterday, and your belly might eclipse your cock soon. There aren't many people in this world who you truly hate, but your Number One of the last few years showed up tonight, and you had to sit around like it was no big deal, even though you felt at any moment his hands might find you. You wonder if you'd have the courage to knock his teeth down his throat this time.

This wasn't one of your better days, but you wonder if this is the bottom? No. You know it's not; you just hope you're not going any lower any time soon.

And you watch
your friend's friend try
to make off with your
friend's girl,
and a fake-titted girl dance
with a Speedo-clad boy,
and loved ones fall
by the handful.

Sit apart while
they sip their chlorine-splashed booze.
Worry they'll crack their skulls
(like your mother would),
and worry how you'll fix the things you've broken.

No answers tonight, though.
In the water
or out.

-BR 1.28.2007

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